One day in class, the teacher told everyone to turn to a blank sheet of paper in their notebooks. She noticed that Chip, the dumb jock, was having trouble with her directions.

"Have you found a blank piece yet, Chip?" said the teacher.
"Nope. I haven't," said the dumb jock. "Somebody went through and drew lines across all of the pages."

 Two people were stranded on an iceberg with only a telescope. One of them was looking through the telescope and said, ''We're saved! Look, it's the Titanic!''

Did you hear about the blonde who tried to kill herself?
She jumped out a basement window!

 Q: Why did the blonde have square boobs?

A: She forgot to take the tissues out of the box.

 Two blondes realize that their apartment is on fire and go out onto the balcony.

"Help, help!" yells one of the blondes.
"Help us, help us!" yells the other.
"Maybe it would help if we yelled together," said the first blonde.
"Good idea," said the other.
"Together, together!"

 Q: How do you sink a submarine full of blondes?

A: Knock on the door.

 One day a blonde finds out from her friend that her boyfriend is cheating on her. So one day she goes out to the mall and buys a gun. After that she goes to her boyfriend's house. She busts down the door and points the gun at her head.

"What are you doing?'' says her boyfriend.
"Shut up! You're next!"

 Q: Why did the blonde think it was Sunday?

A: Because the sun was out.